How to choose organic dog poop bags?

How to choose organic dog poop bags?

Reusing the bag from the store to collect your dog's poop is the easiest way to go, but is it the greener one? Of course not. If you use three bags per day, that adds 21 plastic bags per week and each of them takes generations to decompose... and also adds carbon emissions when it's produced. If you are worried about our planet, do not hesitate and opt for organic dog poop bags.

Why should I use compostable dog poop bags?

Use compostable dog poop bags

That's a good question, one we are asked a lot of times every week. Why if plastic dog poop bags are widely available? And they are cheaper!

The answer is simple: every plastic bag takes a lot of time to decompose and provokes a huge amount of methane while doing it. Methane is a powerful greenhouse gas, such as nitrous oxide, carbon dioxide, or fluorinated gases. This kind of gases contributes to heat the atmosphere and warm our planet. 

To prevent this warming to happen, it's important to reduce the production of these gases, and we can do it while using fewer plastic products. 

Compostable dog poop bags are organic, that's to say: they are plastic-free. At least, most of them.

Organic dog poop bags or newspaper?

That's another question we hear a lot. Using newspaper or cardboard to do the cleanup is another great environmentally friendly alternative. But be careful because you need to have good reflexes so that the poop doesn't fall or stain your fingers. 

So what should I choose? That's up to you: you can use paper or our compostable dog poop bags... or even combined the options.

How to choose organic dog poop bags?

How to compost dog feces?

Not all compostable bags are the same. In fact, not all the biodegradable bags are really biodegradable. Wait... what? Yes, we have said it and you have read it correctly.

The Federal Trade Commission explains that a biodegradable product should "completely break down into its natural components within one year after customary disposal."

The poop bags from Give a Sh!t totally respond to this definition. We elaborate them just with 100% botanical plant components. 

We use only Cornstarch, BPAT (biodegradable and compostable polymer), and edible glycerin in the nature-based creation of our dog waste bags. 

All our products are TÜV AUSTRIA Home Compost Certified to be of ASTM D6400 and EN 13432 standards!

Do you know that the breakdown time of the Give a Sh!t bags is just 90 days? Awesome, right?

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How do the dog poop bags decompose?

A compostable bag requires specific levels of heat, water, and oxygen to decompose. That's why we recommend asking your municipality if they have a landfill with the correct conditions to treat dog feces.

Another great option is to create your own compost bin for dog poop. You can see how to do it by clicking on this link.

To conclude, better opt for environmental-friendly options like paper, cardboard, or organic dog poop bags to collect your furry friend's waste... And if you would like to go a little ahead with the green solutions, check up our post about 20 ways to reduce plastic.






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