Discover Our Brand-New Bandanas For Dogs And Cats!

Discover our brand-new bandanas for dogs and cats!

We are happy to finally present our new bandanas designed to fit all sizes of dogs and cats.

Are you looking forward to discovering them? We assure you that they have beautiful designs, in addition to being of course ecological, like all Give a Sh!t products. Read on and discover them.

Bandanas For Dogs And Cats Give A Sh!t

Discover our brand-new bandanas for dogs and cats!

Our bandanas are made of 100% cotton. As you read, they are non-polyester bandanas and come in a pack of three. As you can imagine, the package is made with 100% recycled cardboard.

You see: our bandanas for dogs and cats are 100% plastic-free.

At Give a Sh!t we are concerned about the impact we have on the environment and that is why we look for ways to reduce the use of plastics in our homes ... and yours!

Besides, our three models are available in sizes small and large to fit all sizes of dogs and cats. Can you imagine your dog and cat looked to match?

Discover: 20 ways to reduce plastic!

Why Do Dogs Wear Bandanas?

Supposedly, the bandana was created in India under the name "bāndhnū". This Hindu word means something like tie-dyeing.

Bandanas were used throughout history to show affiliation with a theme or, practically, for farmers and miners to wipe perspiration from their faces. The truth is that it is not known exactly when the dogs began to use them as well.

However, we want to share with you a curiosity: the largest gathering of dogs wearing bandanas in the world according to Guinness World Records took place in October 2017 in Pretoria, South Africa. There, at Big Red Barn Farm 764 dogs with bandanas congregated to help the Animal Cruelty League.

5 Reasons Why Your Dog Or Cat Should Wear A Bandana

Best dog bandanas. Dog bandanas are cool!

Ok, maybe we are not impartial in this matter because we are in love with our bandanas, but the truth is that in addition to being beautiful, they are practical! Find out what a cat or dog bandana is for.

1. Staying Warm

Some animals are hot ... and others cold. If you have a cold cat or dog, the bandana will help keep him warm and feel more comfortable.

2. Relieve The Heat

Did you know that if you wet the bandana and put it on your dog/cat's neck, you can help lower body temperature during hot summer days? Remember that you must take precautions so that you do not suffer a heat stroke.

3. Keep Your Dog Or Cat Calm

Some dog owners claim that the use of essential oils in the bandana can help dogs and cats to remain calm during long trips or in stressful situations, for example when there are fireworks.

Note: before using essential oils in your pet, consult your trusted veterinarian.

4. First Aid

Although the bandana is a decorative object, you can use it in an emergency to make a tourniquet or keep your puppy's leg immobilized.

Remember to always carry a small first aid box for you and your pet, especially when you go out for long walks in the field or in the forest.

5. They Are Cool

Let's face it: they look great. Can you imagine the photographs you can take of your furry friend with a bandana as beautiful as Give a Sh!t?




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