The Best 5 Dog Bad Breath Home Remedies

What can I give my dog for bad breath?

Updated on September 16. 2022

Dog stinky breath is something that the dog owner knows well. Is it your case? If your dog's breath smells like "poop", you will love our top dog bad breath home remedies.

The worse problem of a bad dog breath isn’t the smell, but that it could be a sign of a health problem. Do you want to know more about it? 

Our Top 5 Dog Bad Breath Home Remedies

Before giving your dog something for bad breath, try to find out the cause. And remember that you must consult your vet about any "meds" you want to give your furry friend.

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Some ideas that can help to prevent dog's stinky breath are:

1. A Dog Chew Toothbrush 🪥

This toothbrush is practical because it's like a toy for your dog. He can chew it and clean his teeth all in one!

2. Dental sticks 🦷

Dogs love treats and these one removes tartar and prevent plaque. Also, they freshen the breath. Are they great or what?

3. Carrots 🥕

We already talked about carrots in our post about 10 human foods that your dog can eat. Carrots are great for dogs: a natural threat that helps to clean the teeth.

4. Lemon 🍋

Lemon has antibacterial properties, so maybe it can help to kill your puppy mouth's bacteria. Ask your vet about this!

5. Yogurt 🥛

The antimicrobial properties of yogurt are wonderful to prevent bad breath... and also to fresh it! Your dog will love this healthy snack.

As we like to remind you: if you are in doubt, please check with your vet!

Top 4 Dog Bad Breath Causes

The stinky dog bad breath it's not just "how dog breath is". Usually, there is a condition or a situation that you can solve.

1. Oral Disease

As happens in humans, dogs can also have periodontal diseases. This is the most common cause of bad breath in dogs. 

If you do not take care of the oral hygiene of your fellow friend, his teeth may build up plaque and this can provoke bad breath. 

In the end, poor oral hygiene can lead to periodontal disease: cavities, gums inflammation, tissue destruction, tooth loss... 

2. Eating unpleasant things

We love our dogs, but let's say it: they can eat everything, including garbage, animal remains, or even poop. In the last case, dog breath smells like poop.

Stinky breath can have something to do with this. 

3. Diabetes

Did you know already that dogs can have diabetes? If your dog's breath doesn't smell like poop, but it's fruity, go to your trusted vet because it could be diabetes. 

➡️ This condition is serious, still treatable. 

Of course, other conditions could lead to bad breath. As you can see, two of the three are just habits.

4. Dog's Bad Breath From Stomach

In some cases, canine bad breath is associated with stomach problems such as gastroesophageal reflux, indigestion or gastric obstruction.

It may feel rancid and remind you of rotten fish.

➡️ Check with the vet.

How To Treat My Dog's Bad Breath?

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Curing the malodorous doggie breath depends on the cause. 

If Your Dog Has Plaque Or Tartar...

Do not doubt it: you need to schedule an appointment with the vet. He will clean his teeth and after that, you will need to take real care of your dog's oral hygiene.

Using our dog bad breath home remedies after the cleaning, it will help keep canine teeth clean, and therefore you will forget about stinky dog ​​breath.

If Your Dog Snacks "Everything" Around...

Maybe it's time to secure the trash. Do you have cats at home? Try putting the litter box outside your dog's reach. Does your dog have coprophagia (eats feces)? Clean his mouth as soon as you come home.

If your dog has diabetes or any other conditions, you will need to follow your vet's indications.


Best Dog Bad Breath Home Remedies

Why Does My Dog's Breath Smell So Foul?

In general, the cause of dog bad breath is poor dental hygiene, although there may also be periodontal, stomach and even diabetes diseases. On the other hand, bad canine habits, such as eating their own poop or that of other animals, can also cause bad breath. 

How Can I Get Rid Of My Dog's Bad Breath?

To get rid of dog bad breath, follow these tips:

  1. Visit the vet to determine the cause of bad breath.
  2. Take your dog for a dental cleaning.
  3. Brush your dog's teeth at least once a week.
  4. Give your dog chew toys.
  5. Offer your dog yogurt, carrots and dental treats.
  6. Take care of your dog's habits: prevent it from eating garbage and its own poop or that of other animals.

Why Does My Dog's Breath Stink Like Death?

The smell of a dead animal on your dog's breath is usually related to periodontal disease. The presence of tartar or plaque causes a pungent aroma that may be reminiscent of rotting meat.

Can Stomach Issues Cause Bad Breath In Dogs?

Stomach issues can cause dog bad breath, although in general canine bad breath is due to other causes such as periodontal diseases and poor cleaning. However, it is possible that your dog suffers from reflux, heartburn, indigestion or intestinal problems and that one of these diseases is the cause of the stinky breath.

What Should Dog Breath Smell Like?

Dog breath would not have to have a certain aroma. Like human breath, dog breath should not smell of anything, although after the meal there is always a hint reminiscent of the food consumed.



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