Earth Day Best Ideas For a Dog Owner: Go Green With Your Pet!

Earth Day Best Ideas For a Dog Owner: Go Green With Your Pet!

Earth Day has grown in importance in recent years. More and more dog owners are concerned about climate change and about minimizing the carbon pawprint of their furry friends. Do you want to discover how to put into practice the 4 Rs of Earth Day in your canine home?

Our Top 8 Earth Day Ideas For Dog Owners

  1. Refuse to buy things you don't need.
  2. Reduce the use of plastics.
  3. Buy less, but better quality.
  4. Take a look at secondhand markets.
  5. Gift what your dog doesn't need.
  6. Repurpose items you have at home.
  7. Recycle what you can.
  8. Choose earth-friendly products.
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How To Be An Eco-Friendly Dog Owner

If you want to become an eco-friendly dog ​​owner, the time has come to change some habits. Next, we will present you with practical ideas. Go green with your pet!

1. Reuse Shopping Bags

Don't forget your bag when you go to the pet store. It is even better if your bag is made of cloth or, alternatively, of paper. Say goodbye to plastic!

2. Donate Unwanted Dog Items

Have you bought many chew toys, but your dog likes more sticks from the park? Donate them. Don't collect things in your house "just in case". The animal shelters will be delighted to receive your donation.

3. Reduce What You Buy

Your dog doesn't need 30 different toys, 5 leashes, and rain boots. Keep it simple! Your dog does not want to accumulate things, he just wants your attention and love.

4. Buy Secondhand

Secondhand markets are often full of treasure. You just have to find them. There are tons of almost new dog accessories. Take advantage of them and if you have some at home, maybe you can make a little money

5. DIY Dog Toys

You don't need to be a DIY genius to create fun toys for your dog. Do you have a sock without a partner? With a ball inside and a couple of knots, you will have a nice toy for your four-legged friend.

6. Read The Labels

If you are going to buy an object, pay attention to the labels: does it contain plastic? Is it recyclable? How much packaging does it contain, is it recyclable?

Choose products with minimal and recyclable packaging. Opt for plastic-free items that can be recycled when they can't be used anymore.

7. Buy Quality Products

It is preferable to pay a little more and have an item that lasts a long time than to pay less and have to buy the same item several times. This applies to your dog's bed, leash, collar, etc.

8. Choose Sustainable Dog Food

You will not only take care of the planet but also your dog's diet. In fact, you could even make your own dog food at home!

9. Check The Recycle Label

If an item is no longer usable and needs to go in the trash, check the recycling label. Is it really necessary that it ends up in the landfill? Isn't it possible to recycle at least part of it?

10. Buy Dog Food In Bulk

Limit your waste by buying in bulk. You could even use reusable packaging to get the food in the store.

for more dog owners’ tips

11. Choose Eco-Friendly Dog ​​Products

When shopping, look for brands that are sustainable and respectful of the environment. These usually have a special label that indicates, for example, that the dog poop bags are really compostable (TÜV Austria Home Compostable).

12. Pick Up After Your Dog

Pick up dog poop with compostable dog waste bags

Dog poop has bacteria that can affect human health. Don't leave poop outdoors. Pick it up, always using a compostable and plastic-free bag or a piece of toilet paper, and dispose of the poop correctly in the containers available for it.

13. Compost Dog Poop

Dog poop can be composted, even in a small place like a balcony. Learn how to do it correctly and decrease your furry friend's carbon pawprint.

14. Prepare Your Sustainable Shampoo

Did you know that your dog can smell sensational with a natural product made at home? Follow the link to discover the best 100% natural canine shampoo recipes.

As you can see, it is possible to reduce your dog's carbon footprint by changing some habits. What do you think of our Earth Day ideas for a dog owner? Put them into practice today and join the eco-lifestyle!


What Are The 3 Rs For Earth Day?

The 3 Rs for Earth Day are:

  1. Reduce
  2. Reuse
  3. Recycle

What Are The New 4 Rs For Earth Day?

Everybody talks about 3 Rs for Earth Day, but we like to say they are really 4 Rs:
  1. Refuse.
  2. Reduce.
  3. Reuse.
  4. Recycle.

How Does Reusing Help The Environment?

By refusing to buy what you don't need, reducing the use of plastics and other elements, reusing objects, and recycling, you reduce greenhouse gas emissions. These gas emissions contribute to climate change. In a few words, by following the 4 Rs, you can help curb climate change, in addition to generating less garbage and saving money.

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