Dog Poop Bags Dispenser: A Way To Have Your Compostable Poop Bags Ready On The Go

Dog Poop Bags Dispenser: A Way To Have Your Compostable Poop Bags Ready On The Go

Updated on November 8, 2022

We've all been there. You're out walking your dog and they poop. You realize you have to pick it up, but you don't have a bag. Suddenly, the horror of having to touch someone else's poop without gloves hits you like a ton of bricks. Now, imagine never having to worry about that again. Introducing the dog poop bags dispenser! This genius invention holds your compostable poop bags, so you always have them on hand when nature calls. No more excuses for not picking up your pup's mess! 😉

Why Should I Buy A Dog Poop Bag Holder?

Without a doubt, having a specific dispenser for compostable dog poop bags is the best way to always have them on hand.

Worry no more about forgetting your bags. Forget about your bags getting tangled inside your bag. Don't waste any more time looking for the bags under your mobile, your keys, and everything you carry.

Our Give a Sh!t dispenser was designed to be used on the go. It is perfectly attached to your dog's leash so that you always have it in sight and easily accessible.

Just secure it on the strap and no more forgetting! When you need to collect the dog waste, open it, remove a bag and close it again.

It is so comfortable that you can even keep your keys or your furry friend's treats inside.


Are you still using plastic bags to pick up your dog's poop? These take around 50 years to degrade. 

Better use compostable dog poop bags.


Dispenser Design For Compostable Dog Poop Bags

Our poop bag holder has an elegant design that will make you fall in love. There will not be a dog owner who can resist this dispenser made of thick and resistant cotton canvas.

Attachment Options

Our second edition of our black dog poop bag dispenser has more versatile attachment options.

➡️ You can use the Velcro to attach it easily on fabric leashes, or retractable leash handles and even hook it where you like best!

Bag Holder Zippers

The zippers are strong so that these dispensers will last longer than other ones out there; they've been reinforced with metal clips for extra durability too.

This dog poop bag dispenser is one quality product made just right by people who know what dogs need in their lives: perfection at every turn possible (and we're not talking about poops).

Easy Dispense Of Poop Bags

We have created a poop bag holder that is perfect for the individual who wants to keep their hands clean. Unlike other holders, ours has been designed with an easy-to use size and shape, so you can dispense your bags without any hassle or frustration while walking on uneven terrain!

100% Earth-Friendly Bag Dispenser

We promise 100% back into nature by using materials free from PVC (polyvinyl chloride), nylon or polyester.

And our Velcro straps are made from recycled ocean plastic! 

Free Compostable Poop Bags With Our Bag Dispenser

If you buy our bag holder, you will get 15 compostable poop bags for free!

Inside the dispenser, you can store up to 15 dog waste bags, as well as your keys and your puppy's treats.


As always, we donate 10% of our profits to the Soi Dog Foundation that fights for the quality of life of cats and dogs in Asia.


Did you know that at Give a Sh!t we donate 10% of our profits to the Soi Dog Foundation? Your purchase saves the lives of puppies that live on the street.

Check out our products here! Use the code 20%OFF today!!


What are you waiting for to get your dog poop dispenser? There is no more practical, comfortable, and fashionable way to always carry your biodegradable dog waste bags with you.


Virgin Plastic-Free Poop Bag Dispenser with free compostable poop bags

Is Using Ocean Plastics Earth-Friendly?

Reusing is one of the foundations of earth-friendly living. In this case, the plastics that are trashed in the oceans are reused to make a new product. Isn't that great?

You may be interested in: Earth Day Best Ideas For a Dog Owner: Go Green With Your Pet!

Does The Bag Dispenser Of G.A.S. Includes A Roll Of Free Compostable Dog Poop Bags?

Of course. All our waste bag holders include a roll of 15 compostable dog poop bags at no extra cost.

Are Give A Sh!t Biodegradable Bags Really Biodegradable?

Give a Sh!t's dog poop bags are not only biodegradable, but also compostable. This means that we do not use any petroleum derivatives or microplastics. Our dog waste bags are totally natural and TÜV Austria approved. The breakdown process begins at 90 days.


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