Celebrate Earth Day with your dog

Celebrate Earth Day with your dog

On April 22, Earth Day is celebrated in many countries across the globe. So we've thought of some ways you can minimize the impact of your furry friend's carbon footprint. Do you join our proposal?

What is Earth Day?

This special day was established to raise awareness about the problems caused by overpopulation and pollution on the planet. Also, it seeks to raise awareness about the urgent need to act to achieve the conservation of biodiversity.

It is a special date to honor Mother Earth and, also, to take into account those small changes that we can make on a day-to-day basis to reduce the impact of our carbon footprint.

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Earth Day: how to celebrate it

How to reduce dog's footprint

As an environmentally conscious pet owner, the time has come for you to take charge of your life and your consumption. A few small changes can make a difference.

Every grain of sand adds up. After all, millions of grains of sand make up a beach.

1. Join the movement for biodegradable bags for dog poop

Certified Compostable Dog Poop Bags are the best way to take care of the planet. Thus, you reduce the use of plastics, a situation that not only pollutes our oceans, rivers, and landfills but also pollutes the air in cases in which garbage is burned.

Pay attention when buying and choose eco-friendly bags. Those from Give a Sh!t are made only with materials from plants, are 100% plastic-free, and begin to degrade in just 60 days.

2. Don't leave dog poop outdoors

Did you know that dog poop contains bacteria that can cause antibiotic-resistant diseases in humans? Always collect canine waste with a compostable bag and deposit it in a basket for this purpose.

3. Start composting dog poop

The best option to take care of the environment is to create your compost bin for dog poop. In this article, we tell you how to do it step by step.

And if you don't have space, time, or desire to do it, find out if any facility near your home accepts pet waste.

Earth day: how to help the planet as a responsible dog owner

4. Opt for organic food for your pet

Organic food is an eco-friendly change that we would all have to make, not only for our pets but also for ourselves.

When buying food for your dog, make sure it contains ingredients from nearby farms and respectful of the environment and animals, as well as having recyclable packaging.

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5. Create homemade toys for your puppy

You don't need to buy plastic toys to make your dog happy. You can create original toys with a little imagination. A stick, an old T-shirt, or a towel can be the basis of your next creation.

6. Donate

Do not hesitate and donate your dog's objects that you no longer use to a shelter. They will appreciate it, and you will give new life to those objects that would otherwise stay in your house to gather dust.

This year, celebrate Earth Day with your furry friend. Join the green movement and let's fight together for a cleaner planet.


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