6 Common House Dog Training Issues And How To Fix Them

Common house dog training issues and how to fix them

You are not the only one facing common house dog training issues. In fact, many of us have felt that we were doing everything wrong and have lost patience in certain situations. Therefore, today, we will explain to you how to fix typical dog behavior problems.

Are you ready? Take a deep breath, gather all your patience, and get down to business. You will see that every canine behavior issue has a solution.

Easy Tip To Stop Destructive Chewing

Stop destructive chewing

We have already talked about this topic in a specific article (we leave the link below, so you can browse it). Basically, destructive chewing is often associated with boredom. This means that you should prevent your dog from getting bored, especially if he spends too much time alone.

How To Fix Destructive Chewing?

Simply put, you must:

  1. Provide your dog with enough entertainment: buy him new toys or test your knowledge with a DIY dog toy. A piece of advice? Puzzles for dogs are usually very effective.
  2. Go for a regular walk with your dog: the ideal is to take a couple of good walks a day. Your furry friend needs regular exercise to burn energy and feel good.
  3. Avoid the temptation: leave your dog in a place "proof" of chewing.
  4. Reward good behavior with pampering, praises, and even some tasty treats.

How To Fix Canine Behavior Problems: Barking

Few things are more normal than a dog barking ... However, this behavior can generate all kinds of conflicts with your neighbors, especially if you live in a building.

How To Solve Barking?

  1. Train your dog to carry out "cues" such as "bark" or "shush". 
  2. The best way to do this is to take advantage of when your dog barks to indicate that what he is doing is "barking." That way, you can congratulate him and say, "good bark."
  3. However, to receive an award, he must remain quiet.
  4. If he achieves the goal, you can say "Good shush" and give him his prize.

The idea is that little by little, your dog associates "bark" with noise and "shush" with being quiet. In this way, he will understand that "shush" receives a very tasty prize, and you will be able to use the cue when necessary.

Begging, A Typical Dog Behavior Issue

Well, we accept that it is difficult to resist a begging dog. Although it can sometimes be annoying, especially if you have guests, the truth is that that begging face is adorable.

Nevertheless, many human foods are not suitable for canine consumption and, therefore, it would be excellent if your dog does not beg when he sees you eat.

How Can Begging Be Prevented?

In this case, there are two good possibilities:

  1. Take your dog to another room to avoid begging. You can leave him a chew toy.
  2. Let him out when you've finished eating and reward his behavior.
  3. Use the "go to your place" cue to prevent your dog from asking while you're eating. Ideally is that he can't see you from wherever he is.
  4. If he respects the order and does not beg for food, you can reward him.

Of course, the first option is usually the easiest one.

Stop Jumping Up

Does your dog jump on everyone who comes to your house? This behavior can be fun when it comes from a puppy, but annoying when your adult Saint Bernard does it. Therefore, you must correct the behavior while your four-legged friend is a puppy.

How To Prevent Jumping Up On People?

Here, you can also choose to confine your dog to another room until he regains his peace of mind. However, it is recommended to teach not to jump to prevent this behavior from taking place in the street, for example.

To do this:

  1. Teach your dog the "still" or "sitting" cue.
  2. Ask a friend or family member to visit your house and say the cue.
  3. If your dog obeys, reward.
  4. If he does not obey, repeat the operation until he does.
  5. Ask the visitor to greet you and move a couple of meters away from you to minimize your dog's temptation to jump.
  6. Little by little, you can ask your visitors to greet your dog as well.

You may be interested in: How To Teach Your Puppy Not To Jump Up At People

Biting, most common house dog training issue

Stop dog bitting: best tips

Dogs bite for many reasons, mainly because it is part of their instinct.

Puppies often chew on everything near them, regardless of whether it is your hand, your ankles, or your shoes. After childhood, dogs can bite in case of fear or protect their space or things. In this last situation, you will need professional help. We will talk about fixing the "playful" biting of a puppy.

How To Fix Biting?

  1. Don't respond emotionally.
  2. You must indicate that the behavior is not correct and not pay attention to your dog.
  3. If it repeats, remove your dog and repeat the action.
  4. When your dog approaches you without biting, reward his behavior.

Common House Dog Training Issues: Aggression

Aggression is one of the most complex common house dog training issues to resolve. In the first place, because it causes a lot of concern and, in some cases, even fear.

In this article we are not talking about dogs with great aggressiveness, in which case you should immediately contact your veterinarian and a specialist in dog behavior and training, but about small aggressive details that need to be corrected.

For example, does your dog show his teeth when he is eating, and you approach him, growl when you take one of his toys, is he aggressive towards other dogs ...? These behaviors must be corrected.

How To Solve Canine Aggressiveness?

  1. To correct this behavior issue, you must set rules and enforce them. How? Rewarding positive behavior and avoiding emotional response to negative behavior.
  2. If the behavior is maintained over time, do not hesitate: it is time to contact a professional trainer to help you.

These are some of the most common house dog training issues and how to fix them. What did you think of this compilation? Remember that if problems persist, it will be necessary to seek professional help. Relax, all behavior can be corrected with time, patience, and love.



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