10 Human Foods Your Dog CANNOT Eat

Human foods your dog cannot eat

One of the first recommendations from vets and dog trainers is: "don't give your dog anything from your plate". Beyond good manners, did you know that there are many human foods that your dog cannot eat?

Sometimes we fall into the temptation (yes, we must admit it) to give them a small piece of what we are tasting. Could a little bite of something harm a dog? Of course, that depends on what you bring to your puppy.

Some time ago we have seen 10 human foods that your dog can eat and now the time has come to discover those foods that your dog should never eat.

Top 10 Human Foods Your Dog CANNOT Eat

We know that saying "no" to those eyes full of love is not easy but, in many cases, it is the difference between having a healthy or sick puppy. Let's find out which are the foods that your dog should not try.

1. Xylitol

Wait, what? Xylitol is a sweetener used to give gum, toothpaste, and some other sweets a richer flavor.

Its use is very widespread since it has few calories and, also, it is suitable for people with diabetes, but not for dogs!

The specialized site WebMD explains that it can cause your dog's blood sugar values to drop. This can lead to vomiting, extreme tiredness, and coordination problems, and ultimately seizures and liver failure.

2. Sugar, Sweets And Ice Cream

The truth is that we should eat sugar sporadically and in moderate doses because an excess of sugar and sweets has health consequences, such as the development of diabetes. Dogs would never eat candy in the wild, so why give them candy at home?

The consumption of sugar, sweets, and ice cream is linked to cavities, weight gain, and even diabetes. Be careful: you shouldn't give your dog sugar-free sweets either because they can contain xylitol, and we've already explained the risks for our furry friends. 

3. Chocolate

Chocolate is found in the most dangerous human foods for dogs. This famous and tasty treat can cause arrhythmias and CNS dysfunction in dogs, and even lead to death. Not for nothing is called "chocolate poisoning".

4. Avocado

It may seem weird because, after all, avocado is one of the healthiest fruits we know of. Rich in antioxidants and healthy fats, it is recommended to be included in the normal diet of human beings. And there is the key: of the people, not of the dogs.

Did you know that eating avocado is associated with a condition called myocardial necrosis in dogs and other mammals? Prevention is better than cure.

5. Alcohol

Your dog cannot ingest alcohol. Beer, wine, and any other alcoholic beverage can produce lethargy, increased urination and thirst, disorientation, muscle tremors, paralysis, slow breathing, seizures, and even loss of consciousness.

6. Chicken Bones

Chicken bones can easily splinter and dig into your pup's throat. In any case, opt for large cow bones. 

10 human foods your dog CANNOT eat

7. Caffeine

Coffee and tea are the main sources of caffeine that we think of, although chocolate also contains quite a bit of caffeine.

As you know, the caffeine is a stimulant. If your dog were to consume this substance, his heart rate would increase, and it would be difficult for him to relax.

Besides, it would increase his blood pressure, and arrhythmias could appear, two situations of risk of a heart attack. Also, some dogs have shown the presence of tremors, vomiting, and seizures.

8. Raisins And Grapes

This point can sound weird because what could be wrong with your dog eating fruit? In general, nothing except raisins and grapes.

Believe it or not, there have been reports of dogs suffering kidney failure after eating raisins or grapes. Better, offer your dog an apple, always without seeds.

9. Yeast Dough

Bread and pizza are the two main examples of foods prepared with yeast dough. Well, eliminate them from your dog's diet because they are among the 10 human foods that your dog cannot eat.

Why? The stomach is a hot and humid environment, just the environment that the yeast needs to lift. Imagine the yeast beginning to expand in your canine friend's stomach.

The expansion of the mass could generate a stomach distension that ends up compromising the life of your pet by generating a gastric distension. 

10. Salt

While some dog foods include salt, we shouldn't give our puppies salty foods like pretzels or chips.

In fact, a study published in the Merck Veterinary Manual found that excessive salt intake in dogs causes vomiting, muscle tremors, diarrhoea, weakness, and even seizures.

Now that you know what are 10 of the human foods that your dog cannot eat, you can be calmer about that than if you can share with your furry friends. Of course, keep in mind that it is best for your puppy to consume the food recommended by your trusted vet. 




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