How to get dog poop out of shoes

How to get dog poop out of shoes

One of the worst things that can happen to us on the street (without being dramatic, of course) is stepping on dog poop. It has happened to all of us, and it is not pleasant at all. Why don't all dog owners pick up dog waste? After all, with good compostable bags like Give a Shit, it is very, very simple. Well, that's another topic. Have you stepped on dog poop and want to discover how to get dog poop out of shoes? We tell you the easiest ways to remove poop from your shoes. Keep reading!

The best 6 ways to get dog poop out of shoes

The best 6 ways to get dog poop out of shoes

Stepping on dog poop is not only annoying, but it also carries a rather unpleasant odor. Cleaning the accident is no less unpleasant, right? And even more so when we see that completely removing the poop is a true odyssey. But don't worry, because we will tell you the easiest and fastest ways to remove dog poop from your shoes.

1. Use a hose

If you have a garden, this option may be the most practical. You only need to use the strong stream of the hose to remove the poop from the dog. The water pressure will help remove the pieces of dog waste. If there are any remains, you could use an old toothbrush to remove them.

Of course, you can also carry out this procedure in the sink, but it will be necessary to disinfect the entire area well after use.

2. Use a lubricant

Have you heard of WD-40? This multipurpose lubricant will do a thousand things for you; for example, it is famous as a cleaning solvent. Now, did you know that you can also use it to remove dog poop?

First, remove most of the dog feces with paper towels, then spray the WD-40 on the affected area. Allow the poop to get wet and brush it off. Your shoes will look like new!

3. Use the washing machine

It is the option that most people choose because, let's face it, who likes to clean up poop with their bare hands? It is generally an effective solution as long as your shoes are not made of leather. However, keep in mind when using the washing machine the pieces of poop will remain inside it. To remove them, do a thorough cleaning of the drum.

4. Freeze your shoes

It may sound crazy (in fact, it sounds crazy), but many people insist that it works. To do this, we recommend wrapping your shoes in a freezer bag to prevent them from coming into contact with your freezer.

Then store your shoes in the freezer and allow the dog poop to freeze completely. This may take a few hours.

Once the poop is frozen like an ice cube, you can remove the shoes from the freezer and easily remove the poop using a stick. Being hard, the poop will come out in a single piece, and you will be able to place it inside your dog poop composter bin.

5. Dry your shoes

Remove poop stains from shoes

The biggest problem with cleaning dog poop from shoes is its consistency. Being fresh, it sticks to them and is very difficult to remove. So you can try drying dog poop by placing the sole of your shoes up in the sun. This process will only work during the summer, as high temperatures are needed for the poop to dry.

6. Wash shoes with a brush

Using a brush, more of a small or old toothbrush can be ideal for removing poop from all the indentations in the soles of your shoes.

Use soapy water to speed up the process and, if possible, wear gloves. Remember that dog poop contains pathogens, and therefore you should avoid direct contact with it.

If after cleaning your shoe looks good but smells bad, cover the sole with baking soda and place the shoe in an airtight bag. Leave it inside for 12 hours and then remove the baking soda with the help of a damp cloth.

As you can see, cleaning shoes from dog poop is possible and easier than you thought, although it is not a pleasant process. It is best to always use compostable dog poop bags and never forget to collect dog waste to avoid these unfortunate accidents.





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