Dog Smile: Is It True Or Did I Just Imagine It?

Dog's smile: is it true or did I just imagine it?

Updated on August 8. 2022

It has happened to all of us: you look at your furry friend, and he gives you an almost human smile (and more sincere than some people's). But it's true? Do dogs smile? If he asks you if your dog's smile is real, we'll tell you about it below.

Do Dogs Smile?

Dog trainer and author of the book "Bonding with your dog" Victoria Schade argues that while dogs use body language to convey their happiness, they do not have a human smile.

So ... that relaxed mouth, that hanging tongue, and those sparkling eyes aren't a smile? Well, more or less.

The equivalent of a smile on the part of dogs is, precisely, a bouncy body, a loose tail wag, and a relaxed facial expression, both at the level of the mouth and the ears.

In conclusion, are there canine smiles or not? 

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Dog Smile: No Conclusive Data

The truth is that experts agree that the smiles of dogs cannot be compared to those of humans since the latter appear as a response connected to emotions while the canine smile would be an adaptive response.

What does this mean? Well, simply that a dog smiles as a way to facilitate bonding and not deliberately. Also, the smile of your furry friend would be reinforced by your expression when you see him, by your caresses and, even, the prizes you give him.

Thus, your dog smiles in response to your behavior. Let's not forget that puppies have a "master" in human behavior and know how to recognize our moods ... and how to help us.

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Does My Dog ​​Smile?

Dog smile: it exists?

In short, specialists argue that the doggy smile is nothing more than an adaptation of our furry companions to our lives, an automatic response to our body posture, and our reaction to its expression.

They even note that the canine submission gesture resembles a smile by reflecting a relaxed gesture.

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