7 Tips For A Dog-friendly Holiday

7 tips for a dog-friendly holiday

Thinking of taking your puppy on vacation with you? It's a great idea, but for everything to go the way you dream it, you should take into consideration some tips for a dog-friendly holiday.

For many of us, our dogs are members of our family and as such we want them to enjoy the holidays. Luckily, today, it is much easier to organize a doggie-friendly vacation.

Are you ready to discover the best tips for four-legged travelers?

Tips For A Dog-friendly Holiday

The maximum advice we can give you is PLAN! It seems crazy just to say it because we all just want to have room for spontaneity, but when you travel with a furry friend, just like when you do with children, it is important to organize and plan everything correctly. Do you want to discover step by step how to prepare a dog-friendly holiday?

1. Your Dog's Needs And Location

First, pay attention to your dog's needs. Although some places claim that they "accept dogs" this means that animals are welcome but not always that they will be at home.

In many places, in hotels, for example, your dog will not be able to accompany you to the restaurant, and you will be expected to have breakfast in the room since your furry friend will not be able to stay alone in it.

Do some research and make sure that the location is not only a dream for you but also for your dog. So you will both have a great time.

2. Visit The Vet

Before traveling with your four-legged friend, it is recommended that you visit the vet to check his health, check that he has up-to-date vaccinations, and give you any useful advice.

If your dog gets dizzy in the car, perhaps you could ask your trusted veterinarian if it is necessary to give him some medication in this regard ... the same if you plan to travel by plane.

You can discover more ideas to help the dizzy dogs by clicking HERE.

3. Think About What Kind Of Vacation You Want

Before you start your research on the best dog-friendly places, you have to determine the kind of vacation you want. It is not the same to stay camping as in a hotel or rent an apartment. This will be the starting point for the next point.

7 tips for a dog-friendly holiday

4. Investigate

Don't just stay with renting an apartment or finding a dog-friendly hotel. Try to see the big picture; this is to determine which places you can visit in the company of your furry friend and which are the restaurants that allow the entry of dogs. If they offer a menu for them, even better.

Planning a dog-friendly vacation involves finding a space where your dog can enjoy the day by your side and not just accompany you and have to stay locked up somewhere.

5. Pay Attention To The Fine Print

Before sending the deposit, take the time to read the accommodation conditions. Among the things that you should verify, the following stand out:

  • Is there a daily charge for dogs?
  • Does the daily charge vary according to the size of the dog?
  • How many dogs can you take with you?
  • Are there restricted areas for dogs?
  • Are there areas specially designed for dogs?
  • Do you provide dog beds? And how about dog bowls and dog food?
  • Is there a place where you can wash your dog's paws before entering the accommodation?
  • Do they provide dog towels?
  • Can you leave your dog unattended for some hours (to go to a non-dog-friendly attraction, for example)?
  • Do they offer an outdoor place where you can allow your dog to run freely?

6. First Aid

Accidents happen when we least expect them. Therefore, you must have a first aid kit for your dog (and for you too). Did you know that a cute bandana that fits so well on your puppy can help you contain a hemorrhage?

In addition, you should find out which is the closest veterinarian to the place where you will stay, what are his hours, and where he can take your puppy in case of emergency.

7. Pack Everything You Need

Take your essentials with you, such as your dog's favorite treats or your favorite  compostable leak-proof dog poop bags (from Give to Sh! T, of course).

A blanket or an old t-shirt of yours can be a good addition for your dog to feel accompanied during the trip and smell the home if at any time you must leave him alone for a moment.

What do you think about these wonderful tips for a dog-friendly holiday



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