Can Dog Poop Be Used As Fertilizer?

Can dog poop be used as fertilizer?

"Can dog poop be used as fertilizer?" is a great question. What do you think? The answer is: of course! But you can use it just for non-eatable plants. Do you want to discover why and how to compost dog poop safely? Keep reading.

Is Dog Poop A Good Fertilizer?

Yes, it is! You can transform your dog waste into a good fertilizer for your non-edible plants, with care and work.

Dog poo is considered an environmental hazard, and, as such, it is worth it for all of us to get down to work to reduce the possible contamination that dog poo generates due to the presence of pathogens.

Have you ever thought that if your dog has worms, these will also be present in his dog waste and, therefore, could pass to the ground or the streams?

Composting dog poop is considered a great solution to reduce pollution. Also, you will get a good fertilizer for your inedible flowers and plants.

Of course, you must bear in mind that dog poop compost requires other materials and not just the dog waste of your furry friend.

How To Eliminate Dog Poop Pathogens

Dog poop has pathogens that can be dangerous to human health. So, how is it possible to safely compost dog feces?

On the one hand, take care of the combination of the appropriate materials to generate the breakdown of the components and, on the other hand, maintain a high and constant temperature.

High temperatures are responsible for eliminating the aforementioned dog poop pathogens. So maintaining temperature is as vital as keeping the mix wet to facilitate degradation

When the microbes responsible for breaking down materials go to work, they release heat. This way, they increase the temperature of the compost pile, reaching 160ºF (and even higher). This temperature will remain constant for a few months and then will drop. At that moment, your dog poop compost will be ready.

Note: do not rush the process to ensure that the pathogens have been destroyed by the composting process.

Where Can I Use Dog Poop As A Fertilizer?

Does dog poop kill grass?

Dog poop can be used as a fertilizer for all non-edible plants. But for dog poop to be a good fertilizer, it needs to be composted along with nitrogen-rich materials and other carbon-rich materials for the proper amount of time.

1. Do Dog Poop Kill Grass?

If you leave your dog's poop in your yard and don't pick it up, it may affect the health of your grass. Why? Simply because the canine diet generates a waste rich in acids, and this acidity can cause an increase in the acidity of the soil. In this way, burns, brown spots and discoloring to the lush green are generated.

For this reason, you should always pick up your dog's poop. Don't expect dog poop to turn into fertilizer on its own. Remember, also, that it has pathogens and your children (not yourself) should not be in contact with it.

Use a glove and compostable and plastic-free bags to collect the dog waste. Feel free to create a specific composter bin and get to work with your dog poop compost. You will not regret it.

2. Is Dog Poop Compost Good For Grass And Plants?

Yes, as long as they are not edible plants. Never use compost obtained from your dog's poop to fertilize your garden.

A study by the US Department of Agriculture indicates that dog poop compost can be used "as a soil additive for re-vegetation, lawn establishment, and planting beds." Likewise, when used in a potting mix or flower beds, a 25 percent compost blend is recommended.

As you have seen, the question "Can dog poop be used as fertilizer?" has a positive answer, but you need to follow carefully all indications to safely compost your dog feces.



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