10 Essentials For Puppies You Will Need

10 essentials for puppies you will need

Are you adopting a puppy? Congratulations! Dogs make our lives happier. However, you must bear in mind that having a puppy is like having a small child at home: there will be times of laughter and times of destruction and disorder 😅. And of course, you will need to buy some things to make your puppy comfortable. Therefore, we have prepared a list of essentials for puppies.

With this checklist, you can have everything you need so that the new member of your family feels at home. Are you ready? Let's get started.

Essentials For Puppies: Checklist

Take a pen and paper, and take note of the items you need to buy before your puppy arrives.

1. Collar, Harness, And Leash

Choosing the collar is a bit more complex than you might think since it must be suitable for the size, breed, and age of your dog. In other words, the collar will not grow with your puppy, but you will have to buy a new one to accompany his growth.

Remember that the collar should be tight enough so that your furry friend cannot take it off, but loose enough so that he or she does not choke.

As for the leash, there are many choices on the market, from the classic metal or leather ones to the extendable ones.

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2. Identity Tag

We know choosing a name can be difficult. However, you should do it as soon as possible and make an identity tag for your dog's collar.

Did you know that in some countries, you can be fined if your dog goes for a walk without this identification?

3. Bowls For Food And Water

Don't forget to buy two bowls for your puppy's food and water. As you surely know, there are many models, including tall bowls for larger breeds.

4. Yummy Food

Consult with your trusted veterinarian about the kind of food you should buy for your puppy. The choice should be based on his age, his nutritional needs, and his caloric expenditure (remember that it is important that your dog walks enough and does sport!) as well as that the food complies with current regulations.

Of course, if you can opt for organic food, much better.

Puppy's essentials checklist!

5. A Comfy Bed

Your puppy requires a comfortable bed. Remember that your little baby will grow up quickly, so make sure you buy a bed suitable for his breed.

On the other hand, it is critical that you look for hypoallergenic, machine washable (you will appreciate this!), and chewing-resistant options.

6. Car Harness

Safety in the car is also very important for your dog. Therefore, install a dog guard, secured with a car-seat harness or a fixed car cage so that your puppy is safe and at ease.

7. Grooming Equipment

Can you imagine an afternoon at the spa with your puppy? Well, it will be a reality!

Buy a brush suitable for your dog's coat and enjoy with him some good brushing sessions. Do it gently, and increase the duration as the puppy gets used to it.

Also, remember to cut your dog's nails to prevent it from hurting himself ... or hurting you while playing.

On the other hand, buy a toothbrush and paste suitable for dogs and show your puppy how good it feels to have clean teeth. Keep in mind that gum disease is quite common in dogs as they grow older.

Last, but not least, decide where you will bathe your puppy. If you do it in your bathtub or if you will buy a special one for the garden. You will also need a suitable shampoo for him. You can consult with your veterinarian about this and also ask how often you should bathe your dog.

8. Eco-friendly Poop Bags

Compostable, plastic-free bags for dog poop will come in handy when you're out for a walk with your pup.

Take a look at ours. Give a Shit! makes strong, large, leak-proof bags without the use of plastics.

Another good idea? Forget digging through your pockets to find your poop bags, a bag dispenser is ideal to always use them on the go.

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9. First Aid Kit

When you have a child at home, you are always prepared for accidents. You should do the same if you have a puppy at home. Ask your vet what the essentials are for your canine first aid kit.

10. Toys

Yeah ... we couldn't help including toys in our essentials for puppies. Dogs love to play, run, look for things, chew on things... Your puppy will surely be very happy if you give him some toys.

What do you think of our 10 essentials for puppies? Prepare your home for the arrival of the new member of your family 🐶.





Thanks to our friend @candythepomeranien for the beautiful picture of Candy with our bags!

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