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Are you evaluating whether to adopt a furry friend or not? We help you with the pros ... but you will only have to find the cons because we don't see any!


Discover 10 movies with canine protagonists that you cannot miss. Have you seen them? If not, prepare some popcorn and get to work!


You are eating ice cream and your dog is looking at you with those pleading eyes, what can you do? Saying "no" is the best thing for your health. Find out why and what are the human foods that your dog should not try.


If your family has a new furry member and you have doubts about when you can bathe the puppy and how to do it. Join us, we answer all your questions.


If you have doubts about whether it is possible to compost dog poop and why to do it, you cannot miss this post. Dog poop compost is useful for your garden!


The arrival of the new member of your family should be celebrated 🎉. To do this, nothing better than buying everything your furry friend needs. Discover 10 essentials for puppies here.


We know that talking about dog poop may sound strange. However, dog waste is a global problem that we need to fight together. And one of the best ways of do it is to compost dog poop. It's possible!

Do you want to discover how to do it? Join us!