How To Help Animals In Need In Ukraine

How to help animals in need in Ukraine

Hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians flee their country with their pets, but many animals are left behind. Do you want to help those animals in need? Volunteers and shelter workers continue their heroic work despite the missile strikes. You can help them save as many animals as possible. Learn how to do it!

Donate To Help Ukrainian Animals In Need!

Many organizations are fighting to save homeless animals who have lost their families or never had them. Join this battle!

Happy Paw

Happy Paw is a nonprofit that supports shelter animals in Ukraine. According to the latest information published by the organization, the animals are alive, and there is food for the next few days.

However, the situation is distressing. No delivery services are currently capable of work. That's why no one is delivering the necessary food and supplies to shelters.

Happy Paw receives donations to buy the necessary products to respond to the most urgent needs of Ukrainian animal shelters.

Make Your Donation To Happy Paws HERE.


Sirius is one of the largest animal shelters in Ukraine. This nonprofit has taken care of stray animals in Kyiv and its suburbs for over 20 years. They are resisting and continue to rescue animals.

Donate To Help Sirius HERE.


UAnimals is buying food and all kinds of supplies for Ukrainian shelters, such as Give A Paw, Chance for Life, Pif, and Sirius.

To Help UAnimals, Make A Donation HERE.

Shelter Ugolyok

Shelter Ugolyok is a Ukrainian farm that rescues stray animals. Right now, they are collecting donations to buy food to store and resist in their home, located very close to the bombing.

Donate To Shelter Ugolyok HERE.

House Lui Patrocle

Casa Lui Patrocle is a Romanian nonprofit created in 2016. Currently, it works so that no family should leave their pet behind when escaping from Ukraine. Likewise, the volunteers look for shelter, veterinarian attention, and housing for stray animals.

Donate To Casa Lui Patrocle HERE.

International Animal Protection League

The shelter International Animal Protection League is located on the outskirts of Kyiv. Despite the bombing, Andrea Cisternino and his wife, Vlada Shalutko, continue to care for hundreds of homeless dogs, cats, and farm animals.

Donate To International Animal Protection League HERE. 


ifaw was founded by Brian Davies with the goal to stop the commercial hunt for white coat seals on the east coast of Canada. This association works together with shelters and nonprofits from countries bordering Ukraine to help ensure that no family has to abandon their pet when crossing the border.


The National Council of Societies for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (NSPCA) is opposed to animal racing, animal fighting, the keeping of wild animals as pets, any degree of confinement or the use of any animal in sport. 

NSPCA is collecting donations to assist animal shelters across Ukraine.

Donate To NSPCA HERE. (Add the reference: UKRAINE)

No matter how small the donation is, it helps animals in need in Ukraine!

When grains of sand come together, they form a beach. Jointly, we can help animals in need in Ukraine!

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