Dog Rolling In Poop: Reasons And How To Stop This Behavior

Dog Rolling In Poop: Reasons And How To Stop This Behavior

Your furry friend looks impeccable when he's freshly bathed. But then you go out with him for a walk, and the unthinkable happens: he starts rolling in poop (his or other animals). Dog rolling in poop is usual behavior. More than you might think. Do you want to discover why it happens and how to correct this canine behavior?

Top 3 Reasons Why Dogs Roll In Poop

If you are wondering why do dogs roll in poop, here are the main reasons:

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1. The Aroma Seems Attractive

It may sound crazy to us, but our four-legged companions think differently. Although it may be difficult to accept, your best friend may love the smell of poop.

If you think about it, rolling in poop may be his way of putting on perfume.

2. Dogs Protect Their Identity With Another Essence

If we look at wild dogs or wolves, covering one's essence is an advantage when hunting, as they can't be spotted (or smelled) as easily.

3. Dogs Use Poop Scent To Communicate

Another theory indicates that it could be a form of communication between dogs. By rolling in poop, your dog can sniff his canine friends where he's been and what he's been doing.

Top 5 Strategies to Stop a Dog From Rolling In Poop

Stop poop-rolling is not easy. In fact, it is often impossible to modify this behavior. However, you can try the following strategies.

1. Pick Up Your Dog's Poop

If your dog rolls in his own poop in your yard, quickly pick up the feces to prevent the behavior.


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2. Take Your Dog Away From Poop

If you lead your dog on a leash, move away from the poopy area as soon as you discover it.

3. Use The Cue "Leave It"

House train your dog to understand and respond to the leave-it cue. You can do anything interesting to your dog, but is not a toy. For example, a sock or a shoe.

  1. As your dog approaches an object, you pronounce the cue.
  2. If he does not approach the object, you reward him.
  3. Otherwise, you repeat the cue and move him away from the object.
  4. Repeat as many times as necessary until your furry friend obeys the leave-it cue.
  5. Continue leash training away from home.
  6. Once he responds, you can try this cue without a leash.

4. Distract Your Dog

Go for a run together, wave your keys, throw a ball, show him a treat... Do whatever it takes to get your dog's attention and get him away from the poop.

5. Create A Negative Experience Associated With Rolling In Poop

Another recommended option is to achieve a negative association with the action. For example, blowing a whistle when your dog starts rolling around in poop. That way, over time, he will associate a sound that bothers him with the action and desist from carrying it out.

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Bonus: Why Do Dogs Roll In Dead Animals?

Dog rolling in poop or dead animals

Dogs roll in dead animals. We, humans, find it disgusting, but for them, it is normal and natural behavior.

The researchers believe that this behavior, like rolling in poop, is related to the dogs' wild past. It could be a way to cover their scent or to mark prey with their scent. The truth is that the cause is not 100% known, but it is something that happens.

Maybe your dog hasn't noticed that he's rolling over a dead animal, or maybe he's doing it playfully.

Either way, the same strategies to prevent your dog from rolling in poop can be applied here. Put them into practice!

Rolling in poop or on dead animals are fairly common canine behaviors, although unpleasant for us. The best way to avoid these behaviors is to prevent them. To do this, be aware of your surroundings and, of course, train your dog!



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